The Next Steps - More Complex Sites

Establishing a web presence can be important for your business and each company will have different needs and different returns on their investment. Some small companies, bands etc. just need a basic shop front with contact details, produced on a very tight budget, and all the business happens off-line.

Many firms want to go a step further and produce a distinctive, rich site, perhaps as a development from an initially successful small site or maybe because they know exactly what they need to achieve from the outset.

When asked, we've been happy to produce these sort of sites collaboratively, with graphical input from the customer. Examples of this include the fire juggling site we've produced with our friends at Fyrefli and the gorgeously image-rich SeaFocus.

Scubaway Website (V.2)Scubaway Website (V.2)

Indeed, we enjoy producing diving sites - we've also created two sites for Scubaway, of which this was the second. We say 'was' as, unfortunately, the company ceased trading after the downturn in Middle East tourism in late 2001.

Each of these sites cost between 1000 and 1500 pounds to produce. They are all constructed in straightforward, cross-browser HTML and JavaScript.