Web Hosting Services

We do encourage our customers to host their site wherever they wish. Consequently we support sites hosted by a wide variety of companies both within the UK and abroad - that's the beauty of FTP!

We are a FastHosts reseller and, although we do not aggressively market ourselves as such, there are a number of customers, of varying sizes, who find our hosting abilities to be of use - perhaps they don't have anywhere to put their site and are looking for a cost-effective solution, or maybe their current host doesn't offer the functionality they require.

Our FastHosts Reseller status does mean that we can offer you a very good deal, while your site is hosted by one of the UK's leading companies, which continually improves its offerings and on whose servers we know our code will work flawlessly. You get full, dedicated FTP access, unlimited forwarding e-mail addresses and, if you need them, fully-functional mailboxes, with a huge range of additional services available at sensible rates.

For larger projects, or those requiring direct access to servers, we work closely with local firm Bitenet. You and we both benefit from our having physical access to the servers on which your site is hosted and a strong working relationship with the hosting company.

And if none of this fits your bill, we'll be pleased to source the most appropriate hosting package for you from the wide variety of available firms.