Flexible Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Whether you're looking for a small web presence to start your company off on the internet, a larger, corporate site with e-commerce facilities, a user forum, secure area etc., we can meet your requirements.

From template based sites that draw on your existing company literature to quickly deliver a cost-effective web presence, to complex, bespoke, configurable portals, we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

We do design ourselves but, as with everything, we tend to partner with specialists such as HandS Web Design, particularly for Dutch customers, or Bitenet.

We believe in being web specialists without restricting ourselves to specific technologies, and are as happy developing for Unix/Linux with PHP and MySQL as we are working with ASP, SQL Server and VB.Net for Windows platforms.

Consequently we're in an excellent position not just to build sites from scratch but also to take over the running and development of existing sites. Or call us in to solve that niggling problem left by your design company.

The length of time that we've been working in this area means that we are even able to support outdated technologies such as Cold Fusion and iHTML - Rich considers himself extremely unfortunate to be numbered among the dwindlingly small cohort of people who have experience in the latter, but his misfortune could be your salvation.